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Floor-level showers

If you want floor-level showers, choose wedi.

Solid foundations, for well-founded reasons
Functionality and safety play a decisive role in the bathroom and especially in floor-level showers. That’s why, for decades, craftsmen have relied upon the unique quality of wedi. Because of our many innovative features and by having the right products for virtually any requirement wedi is the premium supplier for all renovation and new construction shower solutions.

Systemgedanke new Fundo Integro Complies with all common standards and guidelines Systemgedanke new wedi Fundo Top wedi Fundo Top – Ready-to-install surface for Fundo shower systems Systemgedanke new Fundo Riolito Neo High-quality channel cover – now flush against the wall. Systemgedanke new Fundo Primo Shower-Kit The wedi wet room system in a box. Systemgedanke Fundo Plano Linea Time-consuming chamfering of the wall and floor tiles is a thing of the past. Systemgedanke Fundo Plano At 65 mm, the thinnest wedi shower in the world. Systemgedanke Fundo Ligno The perfect solution for suspended timber floors. Systemgedanke Fundo Riolito Discreto Modern, attractive wall drainage as a complete system. Systemgedanke wedi Solso The shower floor system for reliable use underneath PVC coverings Systemgedanke Fundo Riolito The classic floor-level shower element with linear drainage. Systemgedanke Fundo Riofino High-quality floor element with linear drainage. Systemgedanke Fundo Primo wedi Fundo Primo Versatile floor element with point drainage. Systemgedanke Fundo Borgo Floor element for corner shower solutions. Systemgedanke Fundo Trollo Design floor element for round showers. Systemgedanke Fundo Nautilo Design floor element with a unique snail shape. Systemgedanke Fundo Primo Easy Set Individual substructure as a complete set. Systemgedanke Drains A secure system with drains for every construction circumstance. Systemgedanke Covers The design requirements for floor-level showers are extremely high. Matching covers of course play an important role in this. Systemgedanke wedi Fundo sealing set The appropriate material to ensure the secure installation of the Fundo floor elements in the system. Systemgedanke Sealing corners for Fundo Riolito, Riolito neo and Plano Linea Suitable installation material to securely seal angle joints and gradients of the Fundo floor elements. Systemgedanke Profile Fundo Complicated and difficult chamfering of wall and floor tiles is now a thing of the past.