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Nonstep Plan

Nonstep Plan

„Impact noise insulation boards specially for floor materials with slightly uneven areas.“

  • Impact sound deadening for uneven substrates: 16 dB
  • wedi Nonstep Plan impact sound deadening consists of a 6 mm wedi building board which is bonded in the factory to a 5 mm rubber matt resulting in an shiplap joint. The impact sound deadening board is used for the purposes of decoupling underneath ceramic floor coverings, laminate flooring or pre-fabricated parquet flooring.

Technical properties – Impact sound deadening board

Material base

polyurethane-bonded recycled rubber material with styrofoam flakes and a special, flexible, mineral coating
Thickness 6 mm
Format 1196 x 590 mm
Density 600 kg/m3
Tear strength 0,25 N/mm2
Compressive strength at 30% deformation 0,65 N/mm2
Static rigidity

s`= 56 MN/m3 at the linear start of the load deflection curve in accordance with DIN 53421
Dynamic rigidity

s`= 97 MN/m3 from resonant frequency 35 Hz at 2000 kg/m2 in accordance with EN 29052
Temperature resistance -40°C to 115°C
Fire behaviour E in accordance with EN 13501
Impact sound deadening

Δ L W,R = 14 dB in accordance with DIN EN ISO 140-8 (tested on concrete ceiling, under tiles)

011220000 wedi Nonstep Plan 1196 x 590 x 6 mm

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Applications wedi Nonstep Plan

  • The wedi Nonstep Plan impact sound deadening board is a thin-layer rubber granulate mat with a flexible mineral coating used for decoupling under ceramic floor coverings, laminate or ready-to-lay parquet.

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