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Sanwell wall element - A small spacious miracle makes a big impact

Shower partition wall with integrated niche

In order to install a space-saving niche in a bathroom or in other areas affected by moisture, such as wellness facilities or spas, there are generally different trades in operation: depending on the wall’s material characteristics, drywall constructors, bricklayers or plasterers will work on integrating a small opening in the wall. For this, the position and direction must be perfectly in-sync, so that the tile layer can harmoniously position the niche in the tile panel – a very time-consuming process, which requires lots of consultation. The wedi Sanwell wall element, ideal for use as a free-standing partition wall, promises to help: it reduces the workload and makes the installation easier, because a factory-made niche is already installed.

The wedi building board – made out of polystyrene rigid foam – is the basis for the wall element. This is 100% watertight, easy to handle and thermally insulating and offers a variety of uses. Therefore, the wedi Sanwell wall element is the ideal choice, when a niche must be installed in a wet room – regardless of whether it’s in a new-build or during renovation work.

In the wall element, a watertight spacious miracle is integrated in the factory: even in small bathrooms, it pays to have the niche extra place for shampoo, shower gel or decorative ideas. The niche’s dimensions of 334 x 634 x 90 mm fit standard tile dimensions, so that they can be tiled exactly on the tile panel. That means the onerous time spent filling, cutting and glueing is no longer needed. Similarly, the opening’s size is variable: with wedi 610 adhesive and sealant, the dividing elements can be inserted in the niche, with which the niche can be reduced on request.

The wedi Sanwell wall element is available in two standard model widths of 90 cm and 120 cm. It is, however, easy to adjust its size to the respective room environment, by trimming it with the cutter blade accordingly. Then, the joints to adjoining walls and floors will be glued within a sealing system. This quickly achieves a shower partition with a niche without the laborious construction or sealing, which can be tiled straightaway.

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October 2017

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