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Fundo Top Wall

Fundo Top Wall


"Ready-to-install elegant, seamless alternatives to traditional tiles that fit perfectly."

Product information

Seamless design surfaces are the modern alternative to the classic tiled look. The wedi Top Wall series offers the option of designing an aesthetically appealing shower area in which no grout lines break the design. The Top Wall elements are made from high-quality coloured materials and, thanks to their timeless colouring, fit into almost every bathroom design. wedi Top Wall offers design surfaces in a natural stone look in grey and anthracite black.

Each element in these new colour variants is a unique piece: as natural components are used to recreate the aesthetic natural stone look, slight differences in colour and finish can occur. This is precisely that gives the design surfaces their distinctive character and natural look putting them amongst the latest trends.
Furthermore, they also allow for limitless creativity – they can easily be cut into desired shapes and various colours can be arranged to achieve characteristic patterns in a blink of an eye.

From the shower to the bathtub the wedi Top series allow for almost unlimited variety of applications in the bathroom. As a custom fit surface for wedi Fundo shower elements, the Fundo Top can be installed quickly and easily, what’s more, thanks to its thickness of only 6 mm, it’s easy to incorporate into a spacious flush-to-floor area or a stylish step-up shower design. The large format, decorative wedi Top Wall surfaces – thanks to their versatility in being suitable to use on all common surfaces from tiles through plaster to plasterboard – provide a stylish, colour-coordinated cladding across the whole bathroom. The large size solutions (up to 2.5 x 1.2 m) are not only extremely easy to cut and quick to install but also give an exclusive overall result.

Product video: Fundo Top Wall

Technical properties wedi Top Wall

Material acrylic resin bonded mineral material
Material thickness 6 mm
Weight 9,6 kg/m²
Coefficient of thermal expansion 5,6 · 10-6 · K-1 (in accordance with DIN 53752)
Bending strength 65 N/mm² (in accordance with DIN EN 310)
E-module 8000 N/mm² (in accordance with DIN EN 310)
Ball indentation hardness 260 N/mm² (in accordance with DIN ISO 2039-1)
Tensile strength 37 MPa (in accordance with DIN EN ISO 527)
Continuous temperature resistance up to 70°C (in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13894-1)
Water resistance given
Fastness to light grey scale ≥4 (in accordance with DIN EN ISO 4892)
Ability to resist temperature changes passed (-50°C/+70°C)
Fire behaviour flame-resistant C-s1, d0 (in accordance with EN 13501-1)
Heat resistance up to 180°C (in accordance with DIN EN ISO 19712)
Bacterial resistance resistant to mould and bacterial contamination (in accordance with DIN EN ISO 846 A/C), demonstrable reduction of bacteria on the surface (by up to 99.9% within 24 hours in accordance with JIT Z 2801)
Chemical resistance resistant to normal household chemicals (in accordance with DIN EN ISO 19712 see p. 3)
Scratch resistance not given
Impact resistance given
Cuttability workable with a hand-held circular saw
Slip resistance assessment group A (in accordance with DIN 51097)
Suitability for use with a wheelchair given
Cleanability easy to clean (see care instructions)
Repairability given (see care instructions)
Ease of disposal waste code 170203 construction and demolition waste
Surface quality non-porous and homogeneous
Feel wheat-retaining

Product sizes

Order no. Designation Length × Width × Thickness
072042000 wedi Top Wall ready-to-fit surface, natural stone look grey 2.500 × 900 × 6 mm
072042001 wedi Top Wall ready-to-fit surface, natural stone look grey 2.500 × 1200 × 6 mm
072042100 wedi Top Wall ready-to-fit surface, natural stone look anthracite-black 2.500 × 900 × 6 mm
072042101 wedi Top Wall ready-to-fit surface, natural stone look anthracite-black 2.500 × 1200 × 6 mm

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