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Fundo Top Plano

Fundo Top Plano

"Ready-to-install surface for Fundo Plano shower elements."

Product information

The wedi Fundo Top Plano is a sleek, finished surface for Fundo Plano floor elements and a high-quality alternative to traditional tiling. The one-piece, seamless element is made of a 6 mm thick, high-quality coloured material with an elegant look and a very pleasant feel. The material always feels just the right temperature and, at the same time, is very durable. It is also capable of bearing a wheelchair with no problem. The various Fundo Tops are perfect complements to the wedi Fundo Plano floor elements and are available in a variety of sizes.

As a 100 % waterproof system component, the ready-to-fit Fundo Top Plano can be applied particularly easily and safely to the corresponding Fundo Plano floor element and can be flexibly adjusted right up to final installation. The non-slip and antibacterial surface ensures firm footing and maximum convenience while showering. This convenience is also reflected in the easy-to-clean and dirt-resistant surface.

Whether large or small, square or rectangular – wedi Fundo Top is the perfect surface for Fundo Plano with classic point drainage. Together, this pair offers the right solution for every bathroom, simultaneously stylish and functional. The Fundo Top and the floor element can be easily trimmed depending on the space situation. For tailor-made installation, straightforward and safe.

These surfaces create a seamless, thus not only attractive but hygienic and low maintenance finish. Different shades and textures allow for a wide range of variations thus individually tailored designs. A homogeneous white floor surface can be combined with anthracite or grey variants in a natural stone look on the walls for example. What’s more, they are easy to cut to the required dimensions thus suitable for new builds and renovations as well.

  • Classic, contemporary design
  • Can easily be adjusted to the desired size
  • Maximum comfort and reliability
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Low-maintenance and easy to clean

Product video: Fundo Top Plano

Technical properties Fundo Top Plano

Material Colour white acrylic resin bonded mineral material
Material thickness 6 mm
Weight Colour white 9,6 kg/m²
Coefficient of thermal expansion Colour white 5,6 · 10-6 · K¯¹ (in accordance with DIN 53752)
Bending strength Colour white 65 N/mm² (in accordance with DIN EN 310)
Ball indentation hardness 260 N/mm² (in accordance with DIN ISO 2039-1)
Tensile strength Colour white 37 MPa (in accordance with DIN EN ISO 527)
Continuous temperature resistance up to 70°C (in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13894-1)
Water resistance given
Ability to resist temperature changes passed (-50 °C/+70 °C)
Fire behaviour E (in accordance with EN 13501-1)
Bacterial resistance

Resistant to mould and bacterial contamination (in accordance with DIN EN ISO 846 A/C), demonstrable reduction of bacteria on the surface (up to 99,9 % within 24 hours in accordance with JIT Z 2801)
Chemical resistance resistant to normal household chemicals
Scratch resistance given (see care instructions)
Impact resistance given
Can be worked with all common tools, such as a hand-held circular saw. A jigsaw can be used for recesses in the wedi Top Wall for fittings.

Slip resistance Colour white
A (in accordance with DIN 51097)
Suitability for use with a wheelchair given
Cleanability easy to clean (see care instructions)
Ease of disposal waste code 170203 construction and demolition waste
Surface quality Colour white homogeneous surface
Feel wheat-retaining

Product sizes

Order no. Designation Length × Width × Thickness
072030100 Fundo Top ready-to-fit surface for Fundo Plano, homogeneous surface white, central drain, suitable for 073735600 900 x 900 x 6 mm
072030101 Fundo Top ready-to-fit surface for Fundo Plano, homogeneous surface white, central drain, suitable for 073735603 and 073735604 1200 x 900 x 6 mm
072030102 Fundo Top ready-to-fit surface for Fundo Plano, homogeneous surface white, offset drain, suitable for 073735606 1600 x 1000 x 6 mm
072040100 Fundo Top cladding for Fundo Primo, Plano, Riolito neo, Homogeneous surface white 1880 × 200 × 6 mm
072040500 Fundo Top cladding for Fundo Primo, Plano, Riolito neo, natural stone look grey 1880 × 200 × 6 mm
072040600 Fundo Top cladding for Fundo Primo, Plano, Riolito neo, natural stone look anthracite-black 1880 × 200 × 6 mm

As a 100 % wedi system component, the Fundo Top is bonded onto the already installed Fundo shower element using wedi 610 adhesive and sealant.
wedi Top Wall can be used on all common substrates such as tiles, plaster or plasterboard, among other things, as well as wedi building boards, wedi Subliner sealing membranes and wedi 520 sealant.
The floor and wall surfaces in the wedi Top range can be individually adjusted to the required size and wall surfaces are also easily cut to desired shapes and dimensions thus allow for individual surface designs.

Transport and storage:
These elements should be transported with great care and stored horizontally in the packaging intended for this purpose.

Information concerning care, cleaning and repair can be found in the separate care instructions. These are enclosed with the product and are available online at

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