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Fundo Riolito Discreto

Fundo Riolito Discreto

„Attractive wall drain with all the benefits
of a classic wall drainage system.“

Product information

wedi Fundo Riolito Discreto – an enduring design and a whole range of new creative possibilities. The completely new Fundo Riolito Discreto is the crown on the tried and tested Riolito system. As a simple attachment element, this clever innovation creates an attractive wall drain and can be expanded in all directions.

Whether it be as a seating area, storage space or a full wall panel, with the Riolito Discreto system components design possibilities are endless. Perfection in design.

  • Certainty thanks to a uniform predefined slope
  • Entire system is 100% waterproof
  • Simple and safe to work with - tested by those in the trade

All advantages at a single glance

Product video: Fundo Riolito Discreto

Technical properties Fundo Riolito Discreto

wedi Fundo floor elements can be cut to size on site, the geometry of the elements should be maintained however. wedi fundo elements can only be combined with the wedi Fundo drains.
Distance of floor tile and cover 7 mm
Dimensions of cover (length x height x thickness)

690 x 70 x 20 mm
790 x 70 x 20 mm
890 x 70 x 20 mm
Installation depth, horizontal 150 mm
Structural height on Riolito

180 mm

Product sizes

Order no. Designation Outer dimensions: L x W x H, Channel: L
073738200 wedi Fundo Riolito Discreto attachment element for Fundo Riolito 800 x 180 x 76 mm,
700 mm
073738201 wedi Fundo Riolito Discreto attachment element for Fundo Riolito 900 x 180 x 76 mm,
800 mm
073738202 wedi Fundo Riolito Discreto attachment element for Fundo Riolito 1000 x 180 x 76 mm,
900 mm

Cover made of V2A stainless steel, both sides can be used (1st side: brushed surface, 2nd side: can be tiled). It can be set to a tile thickness of 5 to 20 mm (wall and floor). Adjustment is made with a stencil (included in scope of delivery). The whole element width corresponds to the Riolito width.

Areas of use Fundo Riolito Discreto

  • In domestic residential construction
  • In publicly accessible buildings and workplaces complying with DIN 18040 part 1
  • In accessible dwellings complying with DIN 18040 part 2
  • (note specifications for minimum tile size if wheelchair access is planned, see technical properties)
  • As a construction seal combined with tile and slab coverings of load class A0, and A (floors subject to moderate surface flowing water in interior areas; directly loaded floors in rooms in which tap water or cleaning water is used very frequently or for long periods).

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