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Installation accessories

Perfectly combined!

Smart and superior accessories; and practical aids for installing, decoupling, sealing, glueing and impact sound deadening. Optimally adapted to complement each other and of the same high quality as all wedi products!

wedi Joint sealant

  Unique adhesive sealant for wedi building panel butt joints. » continue

wedi Accessories Tab Steel Washers

  Insulation board washers prevent the screws penetrating into the XPS foam. » continue

wedi Accessories Subliner Sealing Tape

  Sealing Tape to form waterproof joints between wedi building panels and wedi Fundo elements to other non-wedi materials such as screed, plasterboard, etc.. » continue

wedi Accessories Mesh Tape, self-adhessive

  Special fibre tape for reinforcement or bridging of building panel butt joints. » continue

Vapor Barrier